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If you have a website but it’s a bit old, probably. Or perhaps you haven’t got a website but are thinking of getting one, definitely. Here’s why. Firstly let’s clarify what a mobile friendly website is, in the trade it’s called a responsive website. Responsive means your website can be used[...]
We reveal how SEO and Adwords campaigns helped Brighton B & B Strawberry Fields to increase their hotel bookings. The brief Earlier in my career I was marketing manager at VisitBrighton, the tourism organisation for Brighton and Hove. I then moved on to run the digital marketing for Pierre[...]
Amongst my various business and marketing qualifications you might be surprised to hear that I have a Masters in Psychology from Sussex University. Unfortunately I didn't have the dedication to pursue a career but I am delighted to be working with Brighton Therapist Matthew Bowes. After wo[...]
If you are a regular reader of my ADMAN blogs, and I'm sure you are, you might have been wondering what I've been up to over the last few months. Unfortunately I've not been sunning myself in the South of France, nor improving my handicap on Brighton's finest fairways. Actually there has been a t[...]
As ADMAN has quite a few clients involved in B2B marketing I thought I would share 8 tips I have learnt on how to use Linkedin to market to potential business customers. I wouldn't say I'm an expert so feel free to comment and share other tips... 1. Choose a linkedin lead Like any social m[...]
What happens to ADMEN when they retire? Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard of charities that support retirees from highly regarded public industries, such as Help for Heroes. But even though I work in the advertising industry I was surprised to hear there was an organisation for retired ADMEN, The Na[...]